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…. Sam looks so pissed. 

This is like the biggest burn I have ever heard on the show. It had to have hurt to hear that, and even more it had to have hurt to feel those words. Good lord Crowley knows how to hit a target. Could have been a hunter with aim like that. 

this maybe wasn’t just a burn.

Meg pretty heavily implies in season 8 that Sam was suicidal when he hit that dog. Assuming Crowley knew this also…He just said he and Dean were wondering whether Sam had killed himselfJust like he tried to last time he lost Dean.

my heart hurts.

Why do you feel the need to do that

I was so pissed at that line. Crowley is most evidently the King of Hell when he does things like this. Only someone of his master manipulation skills knows exactly how and where to hurt.

not only all that, but the last time he hit a dog he met Amelia and tried to move on with her. Crowley is also implying that the reason it took Sam so long to call was because he’d moved on again and forgot about Dean. Which is still a sore spot for sam. So like, triple burn. kill confirmed. 


#can we just take a moment to appreciate

#that Clint

#while holed up doing a job of watching all the scientists working away

#managed to work out BEFORE the quantum physicist exactly what the fuck is going on

#with the tesseract

#by using pure logic

#it also shows that even though Nick chastises him for doing his whole ‘brood in the rafters’ nesting thing

#that Clint was paying attention the whole damn time

#this is the guy who can fire arrows without looking

#who can calculate on the fly the trajectory needed to lodge an explosive arrow into a propeller

#I will punch anyone who says Clint is useless or a deadweight because he’s squishy-human and is only good for being a marksman

#because he’s deceptively smart

#and plays that close to his chest

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